14—31 MaY




Leoke van Geffen

Next step in self discovering

Calendar sale performance

Location: De Tanker

website / @leokevangeffen and @rekkonice

“You like pink, are you gay?”

“You are dressed as a girl, are you transsexual?”

“We don’t understand, what are you?”

Regardless of who he is, Leoke enjoys the freedom to transform himself into anything. He explores the borders of impossibility by creating a dream reality, changing perspectives of the world around while changing himself. We can be who we want to be because of those who have fought bravely in the past for our right to self express. Leoke has created a sexy calendar to inspire people to search for their unexplored sides. The calendar release performance will happen at De Tanker on the 13th of June.

To pre-order the calendar:

Whats app: +31636101787

For Dutch bank accounts — tikkie

For International — paypal: leokevangeffen@gmail.com