14—31 MaY




Célia Nabonne

Still Connected

Documentary projected on the outside of a home

Location: 340 Gouden Leeuw

website / @celianabonne

This documentary reveals the invisible community of online gamers. It’s often quite easy to imagine a physical community such as the Rietveld Academie, but it’s very difficult to picture the gaming community and their scale. In fact, they are quite invisible to the outside world and impossible to define for people who are not familiar with video game culture. Although many see gamers as removed from the physical world, they actually participate in many collective actions, for example they have organized funding to react on natural catastrophes or more recently to help support research for the covid vaccine. Through voyeurism on a communication platform used by gamers, Nabonne exposes the way gamers communicate, their coded language, and their activism.

Link to the documentary